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Fleetwood Mac

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christine-mcvie-stevie-nicksFleetwood Mac

EVERY MUSICIAN KNOWS IT’S THE RHYTHM SECTION THAT HOLDS A Band Together. But who knew we’d find as durable an application of that maxim as the one exemplified by the history of Fleetwood Mac? & Over the last thirty years, Fleetwood Mac has comprised fifteen musicians shuffled through six major lineups, resulting in endless tinkerings with tone and genre. Yet the two members to survive it all rarely write tunes and never front the recordings. They’re the beekeepers – drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John Me Vie. The fact that a rhythm section could sustain a band through thirty years seems all the more amazing considering the traumatic histories of the band’s shifting array of stage-front stars. Together, their personal lives have given rock one of its most elaborate and juicy plotlines. (L Religious conversions, spells of madness, “incestuous” liaisons within the band, drug freak-outs, alleged brainwashings, impersonate – Mick ^ Stevie actions, everything short of murder have spun Fleetwood Mac’s legacy into a story worthy of Scheherazade. & Musically, the band has endured just as many twists, moving from blues to rockabilly to laid-back California folk-rock – finally to bloom into purveyors of some of the most popular and enduring music of the Seventies.

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